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Keep your cash flow going with one of the best Texas factoring companies! Enjoy a hassle-free transaction getting your invoices paid quickly with our invoice factoring service.

  • Easy processing within 48 hours.
  • Receive funding in as fast as 2 hours from processing time
  • No month-to-month contracts
  • No start up fees
  • Factoring amounts up to $5, 000, 000
  • Tailored approach for every client

We aim to help businesses finance growth and expansion, along with expedient accounts receivable collection. By allowing qualified businesses to cash out their unpaid invoice as a form of alternative funding, our privately owned invoice factoring company provides timely resource for you to accomplish your endeavors. Contact us now.

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Our Services

We provide immediate funding or factor receivables for the following industries. If you have an invoice or receivables, and you need immediate funding for business growth or to cover liabilities, feel free to call us or use the contact form above.

Our capital factoring for trucking companies in Texas provides immediate funding to finance your business goals or cover business expenses.

Our invoice factoring for staffing companies is open for businesses who want to cash out their receivables to maintain business cash flow.

Choose our manufacturing invoice factoring to provide cash to empower your business and face challenges head on. Contact us today.

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Factoring construction invoices is the best solution if you need instant funding even if you don’t have a long credit history or a 3-year tax experience.

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We offer invoice factoring oil and gas. Beat seasonal challenges, boost your cashflow, and fuel business growth with the most trusted Texas factoring.

If your business needs working capital for growth, our invoice factoring service can help.

What Is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is a financial solution that we offer to businesses who want to improve the cash flow. If you have an invoice and you’re in immediate need of funds, you can approach our company. We can provide you with instant access to your funds that are tied up in unpaid invoice.  our confidential invoice factoring is the solution,  you’ve been waiting for.

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Benefits Of Texas Factoring Companies

Invoice factoring offers many benefits compared with other financing options. Of course, with Perigree Partners Capital, you can rest assured that you will get the best service possible. Feel free to contact our team and we will gladly assist you.

Improved Cash Flow

Invoice factoring provides a quick injection of cash, allowing businesses to bridge gaps in cash flow caused by slow-paying customers. You can take advantage of this instant liquidity to cover operational expenses, meet payroll, and seize growth opportunities without waiting for invoice payments.

Reduced Collection Hassles

Factoring companies take on the responsibility of collecting payments from customers. This relieves you of the time-consuming and often challenging task of chasing down overdue payments. Now, you can just focus on core operations.

No New Debt

Unlike loans or lines of credit, invoice factoring does not create debt on a business’s balance sheet. It’s a form of off-balance-sheet financing, which means businesses can access cash without incurring additional liabilities.

Enhanced Working Capital

By converting outstanding invoices into cash, you can strengthen you working capital position. This financial flexibility allows you to negotiate better supplier terms, take on larger orders, and invest in business expansion.

Credit Risk Mitigation

Factoring companies Texas typically assesses the creditworthiness of your customers before purchasing invoices. This helps mitigate the risk of non-payment due to customer insolvency or financial difficulties and provides us a level of credit protection.

Flexible Funding Option

Explanation: Invoice factoring is a flexible financing solution that can be tailored to a business’s needs. It can be used on an as-needed basis, making it suitable for businesses with fluctuating cash flow patterns or seasonal demands. As a business grows, its factoring line can typically expand to accommodate increased financing needs.

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Why Choose Us as Your Factoring Company in Texas

If you are looking for a small business invoice factoring company, you can always trust our team.  Perigree Capital Partners is an industry leader in providing financing to small b business throughout the state of Texas.

Swift Funding: Receive fast and reliable funding for your outstanding invoices, providing you with the working capital you need precisely when you need it.

Peace of Mind: Let us handle the complexities of collections and credit risk management. Focus on what you do best – growing your business – while we take care of the rest.

Financial Flexibility: We adapt to your changing needs. Whether you have seasonal fluctuations, unexpected expenses, or ambitious growth plans, our factoring solutions evolve with you.

Local Expertise, Global Reach: While we call Texas home, our reach extends far beyond. With Pro Invoice Factoring Texas, you’re tapping into a global network of financial resources and industry insights.

Invoice Factoring Vs. Loan

Invoice factoring and loans are two distinct ways for businesses to access financing. In invoice factoring, a company sells outstanding invoices to a factoring company at a discount in exchange for instant cash. On the other hand, loans involve borrowing a lump sum of money from a lender. The latter does not need an invoice but may require collateral such as personal or real property.

Invoice Financing Vs. Invoice Factoring

Invoice financing and invoice factoring are both methods to improve cash flow where business cash out their unpaid invoices. However, they differ in several ways such that invoice factoring require businesses to surrender their invoices to the factoring company while the other allows business to use its invoices as collateral for a loan from a financial institution.

Invoice Discounting Vs. Factoring

Invoice discounting is similar to invoice financing where a company uses invoices to secure a loan. As oppose to invoice factoring, the company still has the control over collecting payments from its customers.

Our Factoring Companies In Dallas Texas

We provide flexible invoice funding to a range of industries across the state of Texas. We work with staffing companies, transportation, construction, start-ups, and many more. We also cater for small business from these major cities:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  How much does our factoring company in Texas cost?

Invoice factoring costs refer to the fees and charges associated with the process of invoice factoring. These costs can vary depending on the specific terms of our agreement.  However, this will typically include discount or factoring fee or service fee. Other charges may also apply depending on your company. Feel free to fill up the contact form if you want to talk about our fees.

Are there any invoice factoring fees?

Yes, as mentioned above, there are several fees associated with invoice factoring. You can request a quote so you can see clear breakdown of the fees.

What is invoice factoring broker?

An invoice factoring broker is a financial intermediary or middleman who connects businesses in need of invoice factoring services with suitable factoring companies. A factoring broker will be in charge of the assessment, matching, negotiation, and facilitation once the agreement is finalized.

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Get faster funding for your business, whether you're a start up or have long been in the industry. If you have an invoice and you want to collect your receivables in advance, you can approach our team. We offer invoice factoring for staffing companies, government invoice factoring, and more.

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