Factoring For Staffing Companies

Staffing Factoring Company

Staffing factoring of invoices involves getting your receivables by presenting your invoice to a factoring company like us. We will give you the receivables based on your invoice while we take care of collecting the sum from your customers. We can factor 80 to 90 percent, or depending on how much you need. Once we’ve collected your invoice, we will then return to you the remaining amount.

If you need help, feel free to contact our Perigree Partners Capital. For many years, we have been working with top business and industries, providing the much-needed financing with short waiting time.  Feel free to reach out to our team or fill up the contact form on the side for your questions.

  • You need immediate funding to meet payroll and other operational expenses on time
  • You need to maintain consistent cash flow, even during slow periods
  • You need funds to take on more contracts may require additional capital for recruitment, marketing, or technology investments
  • You need funds to navigate uncertain times and reduce your stress

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